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Hi there!

My name is Michelle and I’m a self-taught graphic designer.

I started off with some smaller projects which I did as a hobby in my leisure time during my studies. Then I went on to creating the graphic design and the whole branding for my own company. In the course of time I became better and better and we got pretty well-known on a local scale. Of course, we were carrying out a hell of a good job there. But I cannot forget to mention that the consistency of our branding and its distinct features greatly enhanced our chances to get noticed in the capital. I’m still keeping up the job since it is my favourite project of all.

Meanwhile I continued taking other little or bigger projects of different kinds, often challenges that I had not tried before. I am an adventurer, not afraid to try anything however difficult and scary it might look and eventually I always end up finishing the projects successfully. Sometimes I am even surprised myself at the result. 😀

Well, you are welcome to have a look at my portfolio. If you are interested in cooperation, just write me an email and we can have a look at what can be done for your project.

What I do

Some of the things I can do for you


I can do different kinds of illustration whether we are talking about things, animals or people.


The complete or partial branding for your company, basically anything you need to make yourself known visually.


Editorial Design

Books, magazines, flyers, brochures and more.

Testimonials and Clients


You can buy some of my stuff here


What’s new in here

Owl Time

I had some owl time at the end of last year, more specifically on New Year’s Eve. 🙂 My colleague likes owls and I finally made an owl for her which I had promised last March. So moral of the story – Good things come to those who wait. 😀 Minulý rok som si...

Contact me

For further information, don’t hesitate

to contact me. It’s my pleasure. 😉

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